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Best Robocall Blocker

RoboStopper blocks 100% of robocalls. No beating around the bush. We are that effective.

Layered Defenses

RoboStopper stays up-to-date to defend your phone from malicious spammers.

Peace of Mind

Wouldn't it be nice to feel happy again when your phone rings?

Get Paid

Everyone has an amount they will sell out for, you set your price and spammers pay to ring your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Does RoboStopper actually work?

Yes, RoboStopper uses a white-listing system that prevents anyone not in your contacts from being able to call you.

FAQ: How much does it cost?

RoboStopper provides a variety of payment plans at various very affordable price points. All of RoboStopper's plans are subscription based, because the service is continually updated and improved to ensure only calls that you want to receive get through to your phone.

FAQ: How should I report spam calls that get through?

We take this kind of issue very seriously, because our one and only service is preventing unwanted phone calls to your phone. Please contact our live support chat so that we can resolve this kind of issue expeditiously.

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Story behind the app

RoboStopper was born out of the developers' frustration at continually being interrupted by spam calls, and because existing tools were using inadequate call blocking mechanisms.

RoboStopper was built as a cross-platform spam call blocker that works for all major phone carriers in the US and gives people the peace of mind that when the phone rings, it's somebody they want to talk to.

What do people think?

I've had A LOT of these types of apps; but, OMG!! This one really works! I used to get tons of calls every day - spam, fraud, telemarketers! The other apps would usually block the calls, but they were still able to leave voice mails if they wanted to. Ever since I installed Robostopper, I haven't received any more of these calls. I also don't get any voicemail messages because this app really does block the calls completely! What a relief! I really recommend this app to anyone who is totally sick and tired of getting spam calls!

V. Azoy RoboStopper

Blocked all those spammers. My phone doesn't ring all day long from robocalls! Yay!

Mark Stephens RoboStopper

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